Researchers warn against explosive outbreak of Zika virus

Researchers warn against explosive outbreak of Zika virus
Researchers have warned that a new outbreak of Zika virus might be closer than we think, the BBC reported.

Experts say that a single mutation would be enough to trigger an explosive spread and the planet should be on a lookout.
In 2016, the Zika virus was declared a global medical emergency with infected women giving birth to thousands of brain-damaged babies.
Experiments and lab work elaborated in Cell Reports suggest that even countries that have built immunity against the previous variants of the virus may get affected.
This is because the virus shows the capacity to easily shift and create new variants.
Although the findings are theoretical right now, they are a reminder of the fact that COVID is not the only danger facing humans.
Zika is spread predominantly via infected Aedes mosquitoes but can be transmitted sexually as well. The insects are found almost everywhere except Canada and Chile where they cannot survive due to the cold.
It is the most dangerous for babies in the womb, causing them to have damaged brain tissue and microcephaly.
Due to the absence of curative treatment, it is best to protect oneself from bites.